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AccuracyRatio Measurement Decision Risk Analysis Software from Integrated Sciences Group  AccuracyRatio 1.6 Program Features


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AccuracyRatio ($795 USD) provides a user-interactive platform for evaluating measurement accuracy ratios in terms of measurement decision risk.  The user enters information on measuring and subject parameters, activates a control, and AccuracyRatio calculates measurement decision risks. AccuracyRatio 1.6 runs in Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.


Two kinds of measurement decision risk are calculated.  The first, called false accept risk, is the probability that out-of-tolerance subject parameters will be erroneously called in-tolerance. The second risk, called false reject risk, is the probability that in-tolerance subject parameters will be called out-of-tolerance.  Whatever risk the user chooses to key on, AccuracyRatio provides the capability to evaluate relative accuracies in terms of the very risks that accuracy ratio requirements were created to control in the first place.


Software details are listed below.  Print quality product brochure and program features files are available in Adobe Acrobat pdf format via the hyperlinks below.  To view these documents, you will need Acrobat reader 6.0 or higher.  Click Acrobat Reader to download a free copy.  To download the product files directly to your computer, right-click  the appropriate link and select Save Target As. 


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With AccuracyRatio you can

  • Determine whether measurement accuracies are sufficient by calculating false accept risk and false reject risk.

  • Define baseline risks for a given application, corporate policy requirement, contract requirement or quality objective.

  • Analyze measurement process uncertainty and factor it into false accept risk and false reject risk analysis.

  • Establish guardbands consistent with risk requirements. 

  • Estimate true % in-tolerance from observed % in-tolerance.

  • Print comprehensive analysis reports.


Measurement Decision Risk


Parameter Bias Uncertainty Analysis

  • The Parameter Bias Uncertainty Worksheet is a useful tool for entering specifications and estimating bias uncertainties for subject and measuring parameters. 
  • Plots of the statistical distributions for the parameter biases can also be displayed.

  • The change in parameter in-tolerance probability with time since calibration can be modeled via the Reliability Model Worksheet.

  • Once the parameter reliability behavior has been modeled, the in-tolerance probability at any time since measurement can be calculated using the % In-Tolerance Reference Screen.

  • The % In-Tolerance Worksheet can be used to estimate the true in-tolerance percentage from an observed percentage, or the observed in-tolerance percentage from a presumed true percentage.

  • AccuracyRatio also features Statistical Measurement Process Control (Bayesian) analysis for obtaining the best estimates of both subject parameter bias, measuring parameter bias and associated bias uncertainties. 



Measurement Process Uncertainty Analysis

  • The uncertainties due to various measurement process error sources can be analyzed using the Measurement Process Uncertainty Worksheet.

  • The random uncertainty in measurements made using the measuring parameter and/or subject parameter can be calculated statistically by entering measurement results in the built-in Parameter Data Entry Worksheets.

  • SMPC analysis results for the subject and measuring parameters are displayed on the Process Measurement Uncertainty Worksheet. 

  • Calculation of the total process uncertainty incorporates any correlation coefficients that have been established between error sources via the Correlation Coefficients List Screen.

  • Total process uncertainty can be included in the risk and accuracy ratio analysis.


Guardband Analysis


Import External Data

  • AccuracyRatio is designed to import data and results directly from UncertaintyAnalyzer via the Main Screen Import menu.

  • The Run External Application Screen can be used to launch external Windows applications from within AccuracyRatio.

  • Data from external applications can then be copied and pasted into AccuracyRatio screens and worksheets.


Analysis Reports

  • Hardcopy reports of the risk analysis and uncertainty analysis results can be generated via the Print Analysis Screen.
  • The Print Analysis Screen also provides options for printing parameter bias and process error distribution plots.

  • The Report Options Screen provides options for specifying report header information.

  • AccuracyRatio also automatically generates a Summary File that can be used to generate custom reports.




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