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AccuracyRatio Measurement Decision Risk Analysis Software from Integrated Sciences Group  AccuracyRatio 1.6 - Report Options Screen

AccuracyRatio Measurement Decision Risk Analysis Software - Report Options Screen


Report Options Screen Features 
The Report Options Screen provides options for identifying a reporting organization, an analyst and a designated reviewer on printed reports.  The analysis file name can also be included for future reference.  This screen is activated by selecting the Report Format from the Options menu on the Main Screen.


During each analysis session, AccuracyRatio automatically generates a Summary File that can be used as a data file from which to generate custom reports. Each summary file record consists of a single line of data elements that can be separated by tabs or commas.  If commas comprise a legitimate part of text entered on the Main Screen, tab delimiting would be preferred.  On the other hand, if it is desired to subdivide any of the Main Screen text entries to make them separate summary file record elements, this subdivision could best be accomplished by using commas.  In this case, comma delimiting would be the preferred option.



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