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Products Software AccuracyRatio Program Features Correlation Coefficients List Screen


AccuracyRatio Measurement Decision Risk Analysis Software from Integrated Sciences Group  AccuracyRatio 1.6 - Correlation Coefficients List Screen

AccuracyRatio Measurement Decision Risk Analysis Software - Correlation Coefficients List Screen


Correlation Coefficients List Screen Features 
Correlations between measurement process error sources are accounted for by using the Correlation Coefficients List Screen, which is accessed by clicking Correlations on the Measurement Process Uncertainty Worksheet menu. 


Correlating Error Sources

The possible measurement error sources to correlate with one another are listed in the Variable 1 column.  Clicking the Variable 2 column activates a drop-down list of the possible components for Variable 2.  Click the down arrow of this list and click the Variable 2 component of interest. This will select Variable 2 and link it to Variable 1.  


The correlation coefficient for the two error sources can be entered directly or copied and pasted from an external file via the Edit menu.  External application files can be opened from within AccuracyRatio via the Run External Application Screen, which is accessed by selecting Run on the menu.


The process is repeated until all necessary coefficients have been entered for correlated error source pairs.  Clicking OK will accept the entries and returns you to the Measurement Process Uncertainty Worksheet.  The specified correlation coefficients are automatically accounted for in computing the total process uncertainty.



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