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AccuracyRatio Measurement Decision Risk Analysis Software from Integrated Sciences Group  AccuracyRatio 1.6 - Run External Application Screen

AccuracyRatio Measurement Decision Risk Analysis Software - Run External Application Screen


Run External Applications 
An external application may be activated from within AccuracyRatio via the Run External Application Screen, which can be accessed from various locations in the program.  Screen features are summarized below.
Applications List

A applications listed in this section of the screen can be opened by either double-clicking its name or selecting it and then clicking the Run button.  If the New File box is checked, the application will start with no file selected.  Otherwise, the standard Windows file dialog will be displayed with the application name and type displayed in the Files of type box. Only files of this type will be displayed in the contents area of the dialog.


Application Data
Applications that are not in the Applications List can be launched using the following procedure:


  1. Check the Exe File checkbox.  This will disable the New File checkbox, blank the Application Name and place the exe extension in the File Extension box. In addition, the list will be disabled, along with the Add and Delete menu selections.

  2. Click Run to open the Windows file dialog for files with an “exe” file extension.

  3. Locate the application and click Open. This will place the name of the application in the Application Name box, place its location in the Application Path box and start the application.


Adding Applications
The following procedure is used to add an application to the Applications List:


  1. Click the New Application button. This will clear all Application Data entries and uncheck the New File and Exe File boxes.

  2. Enter a name for the application in the Application Name box (e.g., PowerPoint).

  3. Enter the file extension that is associated with the application in the File Extension box (e.g., ppt).  If there is no file extension, leave the box blank.

  4. Click the Browse button next to the Application Path box to open the standard Windows file dialog. Locate the application (e.g., Excel.exe), select it and click the Open button.


When you have returned to the Run External Application launcher, click Add on the menu.


Deleting Applications
To delete an application from the Applications List, click its name and then click Delete on the menu.
Updating Applications
To update an application, select the application from the Applications List, change the information in the Application Name, Application Path or File Extension boxes, as needed, and then click Update on the menu.



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