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AccuracyRatio Measurement Decision Risk Analysis Software from Integrated Sciences Group  AccuracyRatio 1.6 - % In-Tolerance Reference Screen

AccuracyRatio Measurement Decision Risk Analysis Software - % In-Tolerance Reference Screen


% In-Tolerance Reference Screen Features 
Once the reliability behavior for the subject or measuring parameter has been modeled via the Reliability Model Screen, the in-tolerance probability at any time elapsed since measurement can be calculated using the % In-Tolerance Reference screen.  This screen is activated by selecting % In-Tolerance on the Main Screen menu or Bias Reference on the Parameter Bias Uncertainty Worksheet menu.
Setting the time of measurement equal to the End-of-Period (EOP) value or entering a specific value for the time elapsed since test or calibration results in a computation of the reliability (in-tolerance probability) for the parameter for the time of interest. Selecting the Average-Over-Period (AOP) option computes an average in-tolerance probability over the test or calibration interval of the parameter.

Clicking the OK on the menu will result in an update of the in-tolerance probability for the parameter on the Main Screen or on the Parameter Bias Uncertainty Worksheet.



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