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UncertaintyAnalyzer Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Software from Integrated Sciences Group  UncertaintyAnalyzer 3.0 - System Model Screen

UncertaintyAnalyzer Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Software - System Model Screen


Measurement System Analysis Capability  
This screen provides a powerful tool for conducting an uncertainty analysis for a measurement system consisting of up to 10 modules arranged in series.  The output equation for each module can be defined as a function of up to 30 variables.  System module information can be saved in an external file (*.mdl) for use in future analyses.

The uncertainty analysis for each module is handled in a similar manner to that described for multivariate analysis.  Module output equations are entered, root variables are defined and estimates of the uncertainties in the root variable errors are determined via drill-down Error Source Worksheets.


Total measurement uncertainty for the output value of each module is computed and displayed in a summary table.  In analyzing linear measurement systems, the uncertainty in the output of each module is included in the input to the succeeding module in the system.  In this respect, the total system uncertainty and associated degrees of freedom are computed somewhat differently than for most direct measurements and multivariate measurements. 


Module files can be listed in a Module Library. A Module Library stores module file information in a central database that provides a link for accessing module files and updating Module File information. Module files can be accessed from this screen and also from the Module Library Access screen.  Module file information is updated via the Module Library Update screen.


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