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Steam Distribution and Metering Training

Integrated Sciences Group offers comprehensive training courses in steam distribution and metering.  Course descriptions and links to outlines are provided below.  On-site courses are also available.  If you are interested in any of these courses, please call us at 1-661-872-1683 or e-mail us at

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Steam Distribution & Metering 3-day Workshop - Software Included!

June 26-28, 2018

University of Phoenix*

4900 California Ave, Tower A

Bakersfield, CA 93309

$2,095 per Student - Includes SteamTools software, analysis workbook, lunch and refreshments during class.

A companion to our 1-day tutorial, this 3-day workshop was developed for facilities engineers responsible for the design, implementation or optimization of steam distribution systems.  Reservoir engineers, production engineers, technical assistants and project team members that would like practical experience diagnosing the performance of existing steam distribution systems would also benefit from this course. Detailed guidelines for developing a surface steam monitoring program are provided, along with hands-on training in the use of our SteamTools software to analyze data and optimize steam distribution performance.

Upon completion of this course, participants will know how to: 1) develop a steam measurement program to diagnose system performance, 2) analyze measurement uncertainty and determine its impact on system evaluation and decision making, and 3) clearly identify root causes of poor system performance, evaluate possible corrective methods and determine the most cost-effective solutions. This course is designed to solve problems relevant to the workplace, so participants are encouraged to bring actual field problems to analyze in class.


* University of Phoenix is a trade name and registered trademark of the Apollo Group, Inc. Its use herein by Integrated Sciences Group, to identify the event location is not intended to imply affiliation with, sponsorship or endorsement of the event by University of Phoenix or Apollo Group, Inc.

Course Outline

Steam Distribution & Metering 1-day Tutorial


University of Phoenix*

4900 California Ave, Tower A

Bakersfield, CA 93309

$895 per Student - Includes Steam Distribution & Metering book, lunch and refreshments during class.


This one-day professional short course covers the basic concepts of steam generation, two-phase steam properties, and flow of steam through surface lines, pipe tees and control valves. It also includes a comprehensive, up-to-date review of steam flow splitting, rate control and metering devices used in the petroleum industry. Guidelines are presented for selecting the appropriate methods and devices for improving steam distribution and designing a cost effective monitoring program.


This course is designed for facility, reservoir, and production engineers currently responsible for the design, implementation and management of steamflood or cyclic steam stimulation projects.  However, the contents of this course are also beneficial for field supervisors responsible for steam plant operation and other technical personnel involved in the monitoring and evaluation of steamflood or cyclic steam stimulation projects.


Ms. Suzanne Castrup has over thirty-five years of experience in heavy oil recovery and is currently President of Integrated Sciences Group.  Since joining Integrated Sciences Group, she has developed several measurement science and petroleum engineering courses and provided engineering consulting services for monitoring and optimizing heavy oil projects in California, Canada, South America and the Middle East. Prior to joining Integrated Sciences Group, Ms. Castrup was Technical Advisor for Thermally Enhanced Oil Recovery in Chevron’s Western Basins Group providing in-house consultation on all aspects of steamflood and cyclic steam project design, implementation and evaluation.  She was also a Production/Reservoir Engineer, managing both cyclic steam stimulation and steamflood projects in several heavy oil properties in the San Joaquin Valley, and spent eleven years as a Research Engineer at Chevron Oil Field Research Center. She has published numerous technical papers and holds several patents relating to heavy oil recovery.  She is a recipient of the 2007 SPE International Award for distinguished contributions to petroleum engineering projects, facilities and construction.  Click Here for a list of professional accomplishments.



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