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Steam Distribution & Metering Tutorial


This one-day professional short course offered by Integrated Sciences Group covers the basic concepts of steam generation, two-phase steam properties, and flow of steam through surface lines, pipe tees and control valves. It also includes a comprehensive, up-to-date review of steam flow splitting, rate control and metering devices used in the petroleum industry. Guidelines are presented for selecting the appropriate methods and devices for improving steam distribution and designing a cost effective monitoring program.


Course Outline


Part 1 - Feed Water Treatment

The first part of instruction covers basic produced water treatment concepts and methods for steam generator use.

Oil/Water/Gas Separation

Hardness Removal

Silica Removal

TDS Removal

Chemical Treatment

Waste Liquids and Solids Handling


Part 2 - Steam Generation

Instruction covers basic steam generation concepts and the thermodynamic properties of two-phase steam.

Basic Generator Operation
Conventional Units
Co-generation Units
Generator Plant Design Criteria

Two-Phase Steam Properties
Pressure and Temperature
Specific Volume and Density
Total and Internal Energies

Generator Efficiency
Combustion of Hydrocarbon Fuels
Flue Gas Analysis
Steam Effluent Analysis
Tubing Scale


Part 3 - Steam Distribution

A comprehensive review of two-phase steam flow through surface lines, pipe tees and control valves is presented.


Two-Phase Flow Regimes
Vertical Pipes
Horizontal Pipes
Flow Regime Maps

Rate Control
Critical Flow Principles
Adjustable Chokes
Straight-Bore Chokes

Pressure Loss
Basic Flow Equations
Empirical Correlations

Heat Loss
Governing Equations
Heat Transfer Mechanisms
Sample Calculations

Flow Splitting at Pipe Tees
Side-branching Tees
Reduced Side-branch Diameter Tees
Impacting Tees


Part 4 - Steam Metering

Part 4 of the course reviews the basic operating principles of steam metering equipment that has been or is currently being used in the petroleum industry.


Flow Rate Measurement
Orifice Plates
Critical Flow Chokes

Steam Quality Measurement
Radiation Detectors
Dielectric Sensor

Combined Rate and Quality Measurement
Dual-Orifice and Orifice-Choke
SteamScan Device
Separator Vessel


Part 5 - System Optimization

The last part of the class covers recent advances for improved two-phase flow splitting and rate control.  A set of basic guidelines for improving steam distribution systems is also discussed.


Practical Considerations

Modified Pipe Tees
Side-branching Tees
Impacting Tees

Recommended Guidelines
Flow Splitting
Flow Control
Steam Monitoring

Tapered-Bore Chokes
Pressure Recovery Process
Critical vs Subcritical Flow
Calculated vs Measured Rates




Who Should Attend


This course is designed for facility, reservoir, and production engineers currently responsible for the design, implementation and management of steamflood or cyclic steam stimulation projects.  However, the contents of this course are also beneficial for field supervisors responsible for steam plant operation and other technical personnel involved in the monitoring and evaluation of steamflood or cyclic steam stimulation projects.




Ms. Suzanne Castrup has over thirty-five years of experience in heavy oil recovery and is currently President of Integrated Sciences Group.  Since joining Integrated Sciences Group, she has developed several measurement science and petroleum engineering courses and provided engineering consulting services for monitoring and optimizing heavy oil projects in California, Canada, South America and the Middle East. Prior to joining Integrated Sciences Group, Ms. Castrup was Technical Advisor for Thermally Enhanced Oil Recovery in Chevron’s Western Basins Group providing in-house consultation on all aspects of steamflood and cyclic steam project design, implementation and evaluation.  She was also a Production/Reservoir Engineer, managing both cyclic steam stimulation and steamflood projects in several heavy oil properties in the San Joaquin Valley, and spent eleven years as a Research Engineer at Chevron Oil Field Research Center. She has published numerous technical papers and holds several patents relating to heavy oil recovery.  She is a recipient of the 2007 SPE International Award for distinguished contributions to petroleum engineering projects, facilities and construction.  Click Here for a list of professional accomplishments.


Course Logistics



Open-enrollment registration can be made online, by email or fax.  Contact Integrated Sciences Group at 661-872-1683 or if you are interested in scheduling an on-site class.




What to Bring

Pens and student course books will be provided.



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