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Petroleum Thermal EOR Consulting Services


Integrated Sciences Group (ISG) offers engineering consulting services to assist petroleum companies with the design, implementation and optimization of thermally enhanced recovery (EOR) projects. With our extensive knowledge of steamflood and cyclic steam stimulation processes and hands-on experience in the design, management and optimization of thermal EOR projects we provide only the most practical and cost-effective solutions to our customers.


In addition, our broad experience in the design, testing and implementation of surface and subsurface monitoring techniques ensures that important information are obtained and analyzed in a timely manner to gain a realistic assessment of project performance. We also implement design of experiments (DOE), measurement uncertainty analysis, decision risk analysis, and economic analysis principles and methods in our problem solving process to clearly identify root causes and identify appropriate corrective actions.


Our Thermal EOR consulting services include:

  • Steamflood and Cyclic Steam Stimulation Pilot Design, Implementation and Evaluation.

  • Steamflood and Cyclic Steam Stimulation Project Evaluation and Optimization.

  • Evaluation of Steamflood and Cyclic Steam Stimulation Monitoring Systems.

  • Estimation of Steamflood and Cyclic Steam Stimulation Potential in Heavy Oil Reservoirs.

  • Environmental Assessment of Subsurface Steam and Heat Migration in Shut-in or Abandoned Properties.

Upon project completion, our customers receive a comprehensive engineering report, all analysis files, and any custom analysis tools we have developed.  We also provide ample interim reporting to ensure timely customer review and feedback.


ISG also offers comprehensive training courses in steam distribution and metering, subsurface heat management, and production monitoring.  Links to course descriptions and outlines are listed below.

If you are interested in scheduling in-house training, please contact us at 1-661-872-1683 or




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