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Measurement Decision Risk Analysis Consulting Services


Integrated Sciences Group offers engineering consulting services to assist companies with the estimation and management of measurement decision risk in testing and calibration.  Our extensive knowledge of measurement science principles and methods, testing and calibration equipment, and experimental design, combined with our suite of analytical tools provide a powerful problem-solving resource.


Our consulting engineers

  • Assemble and evaluate performance characteristics information and specification data sheets for all equipment used in measurement process.

  • Research and describe the measurement reference and the physics of the measurement process.

  • Identify and define all measurement process errors.

  • Estimate uncertainties for all sources of error.

  • Develop analysis templates using our AccuracyRatio software.  Accommodate single-sided, two-sided symmetric and two-sided asymmetric tolerances.

  • Account for uncertainty growth versus time.

  • Compute the risks of accepting nonconforming items (false accept risk) and rejecting conforming items (false reject risk).

  • Develop risk-based test and reporting guardbands in cases where nominal accuracy ratios are unavailable.

  • Establish procedures for program control of false accept and false reject risk.

  • Establish procedures for post-test case-by-case control of false accept and false reject risk.

  • Develop end-of-period reliability targets for computing and controlling calibration intervals.

ISG's approach to measurement decision risk analysis consulting services is designed to provide our customers with detailed technical research and engineering analyses, customized software tools, if needed, and comprehensive documentation in a timely and cost-effective manner.


We do not employ "dumbed-down" methods or take shortcuts.  Instead, we apply state-of-the-art analysis methods, many of which were developed by our staff during thirty years of measurement science research and development.




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