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Dr. Howard Castrup
2002 Wildhack Award Winner

Left to Right:  John Ragsdale, NCSL International Past President, Dr. Howard Castrup, his wife Suzanne Castrup 


The William A. Wildhack Award is presented annually by NCSL International to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of metrology and measurement science.  The award, established in 1970, carries an honorarium and includes a bronze and silver medallion bearing the likeness of Mr. Wildhack.  
Dr. Castrup is the 27th individual to receive this honor.  During 28 years in the field of metrology, he has published numerous technical papers and articles on measurement uncertainty analysis, measurement decision risk analysis, statistical process control, and calibration interval analysis.  He continues to improve measurement analysis techniques and methods, and has developed and teaches courses on measurement uncertainty analysis, measurement decision risk analysis, and calibration interval analysis.
  He was the principle author of the NCSL International Recommended Practice on calibration interval analysis and was a major contributor to NASA reference Publication 1342.  He currently chairs the NCSL International Metrology Practices Committee.  Email address:




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