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UncertaintyAnalyzer measurement uncertainty analysis software from Integrated Sciences Group  UncertaintyAnalyzer 3.0 Service Update


UncertaintyAnalyzer 3.0 service updates are free to all who wish to download them, but will only work for current users of version 3.0.  For information about purchasing UncertaintyAnalyzer 3.0 click here.


Our service updates primarily contain minor bug fixes detected since initial product release.  However, in some instances, the service update may include customer suggested new features or improvements that we feel sufficiently enhances the product.

Service Update ua3_181012 (December 2018)

This service update includes some changes to improve performance on the Windows 7 operating system. Several changes to Version 3.0 have been made since the last printing of the User Manual.  Some are cosmetic and some are minor bug fixes.  The update document describing these enhancements and features can be found in the downloadable Adobe Acrobat document ua3_Update_Notes.pdf


Any product shipped on or after 12/10/2018 does not require the latest service update.  This is a free Service Update that will only work for current UncertaintyAnalyzer 3.0 users. 


To download the Service Update ua3_181012, click download update.  Once the update .exe file has been downloaded to your computer, double-click the file and follow the installation instructions on the screen.  If you have any problems downloading or installing the update please contact technical support at 1-661-872-1683 or email us at  


Replacement CD's Now Available
Some of our customers may have misplaced or lost their software installation CD. Therefore, we offer a replacement setup and installation CD for a nominal shipping & handling cost of $30.  This CD contains the latest program executable and associated files.  To order your replacement CD, contact us at 1-661-872-1683 or email us at



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