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SPCView Statistical Process Control Analysis Software from Integrated Sciences Group  SPCView 1.7 - Resubmission Time Analysis Worksheet

SPCView Statistical Process Control Software - Resubmission Time Analysis Worksheet


Resubmission Time Analysis Worksheet Features 
When the Parameter Interval Analysis process control option is chosen, the drill-down Resubmission Time Analysis worksheet is used for excluding control points. 
This worksheet is activated from  the Process Evaluation Worksheet by clicking an Exclude button on the Control Points list or by clicking Show  Points on the menu bar. 


This additional step is necessary because, in some cases, a resubmission time may represent more than one specific service action or  measurement.  If so, it may turn out that the resubmission time's suspicious character is due to some,  but not all of the measurements that it corresponds to.  Moreover, it may be that the problem is due to a  specific as-found or as-left value, but not necessarily due to both.


The Resubmission Time table can be sorted by Service Date, Resubmission Time, or Deviation from Prior.  A suspect point is marked on the Resubmission Time table by checking the Reject button for either its As-Found value or As-Left value or both.  When this is done, SPCView excludes the point from analysis and disables the service action containing the isolated as-found or as-left value.  Consequently, rejected points do not contribute to the projection on the Process Control Chart and are shown as grayed record in the process control history table.  Rejected points are also excluded from any interval analysis performed on the SPC Interval Worksheet.



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