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SPCView Statistical Process Control Analysis Software from Integrated Sciences Group  SPCView 1.7 - SPC Report Options Screen

SPCView Statistical Process Control Software - Report Options Screen


SPC Analysis Reporting Options 
Hardcopy reports of SPC analysis results and of the control chart can be generated through the use of the SPC Report Options screen, which is accessed by clicking the Print option from the Report menu on the Process Control Chart screen. To print a report, select the desired report options and click the Print button.  


The SPC Analysis Report consists of two pages. The first page is a synopsis of the analysis of the process under consideration, and the second page is the control chart. The first page may also include statistics information relating to the drift projection. This information is optional.

SPC Evaluation Reports
Reports showing the in- or out-of-control status of control points, along with rejection confidences and computed beta risks, are printed directly from the Process Evaluation Worksheet.

Interval Analysis Reports
Interval Analysis Reports that include the technical information and plotted interval projection are printed directly from the SPC Interval Worksheet.



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