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SPCView 1.7 is a 32-bit statistical process control analysis application that runs on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems and allows the use of long file names and interface to other 32-bit programs.


SPCView is an add-in module our UncertaintyAnalyzer measurement uncertainty analysis product.  Besides being a 32-bit version, this upgrade incorporates all previous service updates, and several new features have been added to improve utility and user-friendliness.  These new features are described in more detail below.  Print quality files containing product details can be downloaded via the SPCView 1.7 Program Features web page.


Click on the appropriate order link above to purchase the upgrade from SPCView 1.6 for $195  plus tax, shipping and handling. 


Upgrade Details

Process Control Data Toolbar

  • A toolbar has been added to the Process Control Data screen to provide easier access to File and Edit functions and to drill-down worksheets, on-screen Help and Analysis Notes.


Run External Applications

  • An External Application Launcher has been added to the Process Control Data screen, the Process Control Chart and the SPCView Interval Worksheet for running programs external to SPCView.  

  • This launcher provides a convenient way to open spreadsheets, calculators or other programs for off-line processing and other supplemental functions.


Process Control Chart Toolbar

  • A toolbar has been added to the Process Control Data screen to provide easier access to Edit functions and Report Output.  

  • A toolbar icon has also been added that replaces the Replot button.


SPCView Report Output to File

  • In Version 1.7, the SPCView Analysis Report is written to file with the .rtf extension to facilitate opening the report in WordPad or other word processing applications.

Interval Analysis File Output

  • Interval Analysis Results written to file are now saved in formatted text with a .txt file extension to facilitate opening the files in text editors and importing data into spreadsheets.


Updated On-Screen Help

  • The on-screen help has been updated for 32-bit Windows look and feel and also includes a Table of Contents.  

  • In addition, the Help About function has been expanded to display the identity of the registered user, the product Serial Number, the Service Update version and information about your computer and operating system.


Cosmetic Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Numerous cosmetic changes have been made in Version 1.7 to improve visibility of worksheets and the arrangement of controls and data entry boxes.  

  • Also, a few bugs were found and corrected that were undetected until recently.



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