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Uncertainty Sidekick Freeware

 Uncertainty Sidekick Freeware from Integrated Sciences Group


Uncertainty Sidekick Makes Rigorous Calculation and Analysis of Measurement Uncertainty Possible in a Freeware Package


Integrated Sciences Group has developed a measurement uncertainty analysis application that does not "dumb down" uncertainty calculation, does not require knowledge of statistics to use, and does not require a spreadsheet application to operate.  The ease of use of Uncertainty Sidekick is enhanced by a structured analysis path with access to drill-down screens and worksheets.  Click here to access a quick reference table comparing the features and capabilities of Uncertainty Sidekick to our Uncertainty Sidekick Pro and UncertaintyAnalyzer software products.


Although intended to be a user-friendly "hip pocket" uncertainty calculation tool, Uncertainty Sidekick includes many of the powerful tools available in ISG's state-of-the-art UncertaintyAnalyzer application.  Some notable features include:

  • Uncertainty calculation for direct measurements.

  • Full featured on-screen Help.

  • Interactive uncertainty analysis procedure checklist.

  • User-editable Measurement Units Database containing measurement areas and units found in NIST Special Publication 811 and more.

  • Fully formatted screens for user documentation of notes and comments.

  • Pareto diagrams that display a bar chart that ranks the relative contribution of measurement process uncertainties to the total combined uncertainty.

  • Summary and drill-down reports for printing or previewing.

  • User-defined reports nomenclature.

  • Full analysis file save/open capability.

  • Interactive list of measurement process errors to assist in identifying error sources.

  • Accommodation of up to 15 measurement error sources.  Uncertainties for all errors can be defined and analyzed in templates, screens or worksheets.

  • Data entry of up to 200 sampled measured values or mean values for analysis of uncertainty due to random error (repeatability).

  • Built-in Type B Degrees of Freedom Calculator for estimating both Type B uncertainty and degrees of freedom.

  • Accommodation of symmetric or asymmetric two-sided and single-sided parameter tolerance limits.

  • Computation of parameter tolerance limits by linear or RSS combination of instrument specifications.

  • Built-in Correlation Coefficients Worksheet to account for correlations between measurement process errors.

  • Automatic combination of uncertainties and computation of degrees of freedom using the Welch-Satterthwaite relation.

  • Computation of confidence limits for combined uncertainties.

Uncertainty Sidekick comes with a 70+ page User Manual with a chapter that covers the basic statistical methods and concepts that are key to understanding measurement uncertainty analysis. An Intro to Uncertainty Analysis presentation file is also installed with the software. Unlike other freeware, Uncertainty Sidekick is a fully maintained and supported application.  Compatible operating systems are Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.  Technical support is available by phone, email or fax.  


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