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Calibration Interval Analysis Service 

Integrated Sciences Group (ISG) offers a comprehensive Test and Calibration Interval Analysis Service employing the state-of-the art in analysis methodology and tools.  Intervals are determined using IntervalMAX, the world's most sophisticated interval analysis system from Integrated Software Associates. We have made this service available to companies that wish to be compliant with ISO 17025 and ISO 10012, but do not have the in-house expertise to conduct interval analysis.


Optimal Intervals at Minimum Expense

With IntervalMAX, we compute optimal intervals assigned by equipment groups, designed to ensure homogeneity of behavior and validity of results.  To further ensure homogeneity, IntervalMAX identifies statistical outliers and constructs subgroups and as appropriate.


  • Data maintained in strictest confidence

  • Analyses completely objective and unbiased

  • Intervals based on test or calibration history

  • Intervals consistent with user needs

  • Intervals consistent with reliability targets

  • Intervals for Class, Group, Manufacturer/Model, Serial Number and System

  • Exhaustive detailed and summary reports

  • Quick turn-around and low cost

  • Special reports and analyses on demand


Unmatched Experience and Performance
Combining the unmatched power of IntervalMAX with over twenty years of test and calibration interval analysis experience, we provide optimal intervals quickly and at minimum expense. We have a track record of successfully assigning intervals to more than 90% of measuring and test equipment (M&TE) items in inventory even for inventories with corrupted, mixed and sparse data covering multi-year spans.


Low Cost - Short Turnaround
Because or our experience and use of IntervalMAX, the cost per interval is minimal. This cost consists of an IntervalMAX licensing fee, that is graduated downward with inventory size, plus a nominal service charge. Intervals run from thirty-five cents per supported M&TE serial number to around ten cents per serial number, depending on inventory size.


Intervals Tailored to Client Needs
Intervals are tailored to client needs by assigning reliability targets at different equipment levels in accordance with client specifications. Reliability targets may be assigned by Class, Similar Item, Manufacturer/Model, Serial Number, System or User.


A Complete Product
Our intervals are backed by acclaimed methods developed by acknowledged experts. Send us your data and we'll send back your intervals, together with a set of complete reports to help you manage your test or calibration programs. The following is a partial list of what we offer:*


  • Intervals based on statistical analysis of customer calibration service history data

  • Utilization of a variety of reliability models to ensure valid modeling of uncertainty growth

  • Intervals analyzed at all levels of homogeneity

    • Class and subclass

    • Similar item group and subgroup

    • Manufacturer/model

    • Serial number

    • System

  • Intervals tailored to reliability targets established for

    • Class

    • Similar item group

    • Manufacturer/model

    • Serial number

    • User

    • Organization

  • Intervals tailored to usage and user requirements

  • Intervals sanity checked by expert engineering and statistical analysis

  • Identification of outliers

    • Dogs/gems

    • Test or calibration technicians

    • Test or calibration organizations

    • Users

  • Comprehensive reports in Microsoft Access formatted files

    • Serial Number Intervals

    • Model Number Intervals

    • Group Intervals

    • Instrument Class Intervals

    • Serial Number Dogs/Gems

    • Model Number Dogs/Gems

    • Suspect Using Organizations

    • Suspect Calibrating Organizations

    • Suspect Calibrating Technicians

    • Class Technical Data

    • Group Technical Data

    • Model Number Technical Data

    • Analysis System Evaluation

    • Workload Projection

    • Cost Projection

  • Intervals assigned directly to your current inventory

  • Intervals analyzed and established within days of receipt of data.


* Specific reports and other items are subject to available customer data.


A Complete Service
In addition to the reports and services listed above, we are ready to develop special reports as needed and conduct special analyses at your request. Your data and other information are kept in strictest confidence.




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