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IntervalMAX System Administrator Training


This outline applies to a two-day course of instruction presented by Integrated Sciences Group.  This course covers calibration interval analysis concepts and provides hands-on training in the use of ISG's IntervalMAX software.  This course is offered to IntervalMAX customers only.  On-site training is available on request.


Course Objectives


Students will be introduced to risk analysis concepts, measurement reliability modeling methods, statistical interval analysis techniques, calibration interval objectives and potential ancillary interval analysis benefits such as equipment outlier identification.  After completion of the course, students will know how to operate and maintain IntervalMAX including

  • system analysis and security management

  • setting analysis controls and policies

  • importing and maintaining service history data

  • building instrument classes and similar equipment groups

  • running analyses

  • viewing and interpreting analysis results

  • reviewing and approving intervals

  • exporting intervals and other analysis results

  • viewing, printing and exporting reports


Day One


Part 1 - Basic  Concepts

Part 1 covers basic concepts for an understanding of measurement decision risk and interval analysis. 


False Accept and False Reject Risk

  • Definitions

  • False Accept Risk Consequences

  • False Reject Risk Consequences

  • Factors Affecting Risks


Controlling Risks

  • Periodic Calibration

  • The Goal of Interval Analysis

  • Reliability Targets

  • Achieving Reliability Targets

  • Reliability Modeling

  • Reliability Modeling Procedure

Interval Analysis

  • Procedure

  • What to Avoid

  • Reliability Targets

  • No Single Model Fits All Cases

  • Does it Work?



Part 2 - IntervalMAX Overview

Part 2 consists of a brief overview of IntervalMAX program features and operating procedures. 


System Access and Use

  • The System Administrator

  • Engineering Users

  • Technical Users


System Security

  • User IDs and Passwords

  • Log-in Procedure


Service History Database

  • Data Importing

  • History Maintenance


Interval Analysis and Assignment

  • Interval Analysis

  • Interval Assignment


System Reports

  • Interval Reports

  • Interval Impact Report

  • Dogs/Gems Reports

  • Suspect Activities Reports

  • Technical Data Reports

  • System Evaluation Reports

  • Output to the Recall System

  • Printed Reports

  • ASCII Test Files

  • Microsoft Access Tables

  • Exported Results


Day Two


Part 3 - Installation and Setup

Part 3 covers important aspects of IntervalMAX installation, setup and configuration.


System Administrator Setup

User ID and Password

Workstation Configuration

Network Configuration

User Setup



Part 4 - System Operation

Part 4 of the course covers how IntervalMAX is used to establish, assign, maintain and report calibration intervals.


Setting Controls

Importing Data

Maintaining the Database

Choose Database Function

Managing Security

Running Analyses


Viewing Analysis Results

Approving Intervals

Exporting Intervals and Other Analysis Results

Browsing the Database

Viewing and Generating Reports

Printing and Exporting Reports   


What to Bring


Training Materials
Course books and other related documents will be provided.



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