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Integrated Sciences Group offers engineering consulting services to assist companies with the design of experiments (DOE) for product testing and evaluation.  Our extensive knowledge of measurement science principles and methods and test equipment, combined with our suite of analysis tools provide a powerful problem-solving resource.


Our consulting engineers

  • Research and describe the physical principles behind the product under test.

  • Assist the customer in defining the objectives of the product test.

  • Conduct a preliminary sensitivity study using perturbation and measurement uncertainty analyses to assess potential impacts of input and output variables.

  • Use the results of the preliminary sensitivity analysis to identify key input and output variables to be evaluated and to refine the objects of the product test.

  • Select the appropriate DOE scheme and test equipment, and develop testing procedures.

  • Assist the customer with product testing.

  • Assist the customer with data analysis and product evaluation.

  • Provide comprehensive documentation of the DOE plan, testing procedures and analysis results.

Unlike other "experts," ISG incorporates measurement uncertainty analysis into the DOE process to provide our customers with a realistic assessment of product performance.  In this regard, we ensure that the proper test equipment and procedures are applied to obtain reliable and accurate information without spending excessive amounts of time and money.




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