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Integrated Sciences Group has built more than 40 years of experience in measurement uncertainty analysis, decision risk analysis, SPC analysis and calibration interval analysis into an unmatched suite of analytical software applications and training courses.  If making measurements or managing measurement technology is important to you, then you'll want to check out our remarkable products and services. 


All our analytical metrology software and training employ methods and techniques compliant with national and international standards as well as NCSLI Recommended Practices.  Since ISG has been a major pioneer in developing measurement science analytical methodology, our software and training embody the most advanced tools and methods available. 


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Measurement Analysis Software

Our state-of-the-art software products not only comply with ISO standards and guidelines, they also incorporate several ground-breaking measurement uncertainty analysis, measurement decision risk analysis, and calibration interval analysis methods and techniques developed by ISG personnel.

All of our software applications are developed by established experts in the field of analytical metrology.  Consequently, you won't find the power, sophistication and versatility of our products anywhere else.  We provide free service updates and the best available technical support to tackle even the most challenging measurement analysis problems.


Measurement Analysis Training

Integrated Sciences Group offers open-enrollment, on-site, and one-on-one training that covers important aspects of measurement quality assurance including measurement uncertainty analysis, measurement decision risk analysis and calibration interval analysis. Our courses are taught by industry leading authorities in the subject matter, are priced affordably and are designed for relevance to today's measurement and testing needs.


Whether you are a calibration technician, design or test engineer, research scientist, or other technical specialist, our training will provide you with the essential knowledge and tools for analyzing measurement results, optimizing measurement processes and managing measurement decision risks. Click course schedule for our 2019 open-enrollment training dates.

As we develop software applications, we find that some of the features of our applications can be instantiated as separate tools to assist in measurement analysis.  We've made these tools available as metrology freeware to promote consistent analysis methods and to solicit user feedback.  We hope you find these freeware applications to be both useful and informative.

Articles and Papers
Many of the benchmark measurement quality assurance analysis methods and techniques developed by ISG personnel have been reported in technical papers and articles.  These papers are available as downloadable Adobe Acrobat files to advance the collective knowledge and understanding in the measurement science and metrology community.



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